Intel to announce Core i9-9980XE ‘Basin Falls Refresh’ CPU

Published: 8th Oct 2018, 11:58 GMT | Comments

Today Intel announces Basin Falls Refresh (Skylake-X) series.

Intel HEDT up to 18-cores

According to Wccftech, the LGA2066 socket will soon support more than just 7th Gen HEDT series.

Intel is allegedly skipping 8th Gen Core HEDT series and goes directly to 9th Gen Core. This is particularly interesting because the new series are not even new chips, but refreshed Skylake-X silicon.

The ‘flagship’ model called 9980XE features 18-core and 36-threads. The clocks are unknown, but they are obviously going to be higher than 7980XE’s.

  • Core i9-9980XE (18 Core)
  • Core i9-9960X (16 Core)
  • Core i9-9940X (14 Core)
  • Core i9-9920X (12 Core)
  • Core i9-9900X (10 Core)
  • Core i9-9820X (8 Core)
  • Core i7-9800X (6 Core)

That said, Intel is yet not done with 6-core CPUs for HEDT platform (a very bizarre move to keep such SKUs in the lineup when AMD is clearly pushing core count higher).

Nevertheless, the new series will not require new motherboards. Of course, motherboard makers will still reveal new products, but you won’t need a new socket.

Intel Core-X Series
ProcessorCores/ Threads
Intel Core i9-9980XE
Intel Core i9-9960X
Intel Core i9-9940X
Intel Core i9-9920X
Intel Core i9-9900X
Intel Core i9-7980XE
Intel Core  i9-7960X
Intel Core i9-7940X
Intel Core i9-7920X
Intel Core i9-7900X

Source: Wccftech

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