AMD Arcturus to succeed Navi?

Published: 27th Sep 2018, 07:50 GMT | Comments

At Phoronix forums, AMD employee spilled the beans on upcoming Navi successor.


AMD is allegedly returning to the old GPU naming schema as they did prior to Vega series. This means we won’t be seeing the same codenames used for GPU architecture and actual retail products.

The use of Vega for both graphics cards and GPU codenames has led to some confusion, as the name was used for discrete and integrated graphics at the same time, while still featuring Vega for their GPU names.

The next architecture, which is Navi, should still use the old scheme (the confusing one), but the architecture past Navi will take a different route by separating codenames for graphics processors and actual products.

At Phoronix forums, AMD employee responsible for Linux driver development confirmed that in the future AMD will go back to the old naming model.

So yes, we are likely talking about Radeon 700 series here.


Arcturus is a large red star and the brightest of the constellation of Boötes.

Source: Phoronix via TechPowerUP

by WhyCry

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