NVIDIA explains why GeForce RTX Founders Editions are overclocked

Published: 21st Aug 2018, 07:37 GMT | Comments

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition

In a lengthy blog post, NVIDIA sheds more light on their new Founders Edition design. With GeForce RTX, NVIDIA is taking things one step further by addressing the expectations of their customers. NVIDIA’s reference designs always struggled to compete with aftermarket solutions designed by their board partners, but this is about to change.

The new Founders Edition cards are not only going to compete with non-reference designs, but they will often be a much better choice in terms of quality and performance.

A dual 13-blade fan design is NVIDIA first open-air design in years. The last dual-fan card was based on GeForce 7900GX2, which was actually using two identical boards ‘glued’ together with SLI.

NVIDIA promises that new FE will only emit 1/5 of the noise when overclocked compared to an older generation. Of course, bear in mind noise level is measured in logarithmic scale, so we are looking at a few decibel difference.

This is also the first time Founders Edition will be factory overclocked by 90 MHz. NVIDIA claims that the vast majority of their customers does not overclock (honestly I wonder how they know that), and therefore putting all that power to waste.

A full-length vapor chamber has been specifically designed for the RTX series. It is said to provide 10C lower temperature than Pascal generation. The whole cooling block covers the TU104 GPU (for RTX 2080) which is powered by 13-phase iMON DrMOS.

Founders Edition cards are 100 USD premium (200 USD for RTX 2080 Ti) over AIB cards. So far no benchmarks have been published, so you may want to hold on your wallet until we get some actual numbers from professional reviewers.

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