NVIDIA GeForce GTX 20/11-series Rumor Roundup #2

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Colorful shows next-gen cooling solution at Computex

This information was in fact already shared by other outlets, but it never really hit the headlines. At Computex, Colorful had three ‘iGame NEXT GENERATION’ cards on display. These cards were not GTX 2080/1180, but the cooling on the display was. Colorful was simply showing that the new generation will use the same coolers as current generation.

Only one out of three cards was never seen before, interestingly it was the least interesting model and even journalists didn’t really pay attention to it. It’s the card in the lower right corner with AIO cooler attached to it. Rumor has it, this could be GTX 2080 iGame Poseidon.

See the video from FunkyIT where Colorful confirms that new series will indeed use those coolers:

Source: JagatReview

Benchlife: Dual-fan GTX 2080 Founders Edition?

Upon reading an article at Benchlife, which was basically rehashing what we already knew, I noticed that one sentence that didn’t quite sound to what I heard before.

According to Benchlife, NVIDIA would change the design of Founders Edition to dual-fan. They did not mention which model, although the article was about the GTX 2080 PCB.

This sounds crazy and it’s probably not true, but let’s just say it is. That would mean two things: it would likely not be a blower-type design and more importantly, that NVIDIA would be competing with their own board partners with an open-air cooling solution. In other words, the difference between reference design and custom design would be less significant. Which makes this rumor even less likely to be true.

NVIDIA has not really used dual-fan coolers for GeForce series for many years. Right off top of my head, the last dual-fan design was 7900GX2.


I tried to make this mockup as ugly as possible so that no one would believe it is real.

Please don’t believe it’s real.

Source: Benchlife

GALAX: New series in September, Performance breakthrough

This might be the most interesting story to share. At ChinaJoy GALAX representative answered few questions regarding new GeForce series. Not much was said, but the fact that GALAX rep even said a word about new series is already a big thing.

GALAX confirmed that new series will be available in September. The GeForce 20 is obviously going to offer a breakthrough in performance and also support NVIDIA ray tracing technology.

It was also confirmed that cards under HOF and GAMER series will be available.

Here’s what was said (machine translation)

A: The release time of the next-generation NVIDIA graphics card will not be far away. Players will be able to see the information about the new graphics card in September. The performance will certainly have a breakthrough growth, and will support the most advanced NVIDIA ray tracing technology. Game player is a good news!

Of course, GALAXY’s non-public version of the design is also in the process of planning, the next generation of new graphics will still follow the Hall of Fame, GAMER, the many advantages of the series, and innovate in the shape and heat, giving players a better game Experience and visual enjoyment, in order to enrich the needs of players, we plan to create a new series in the graphics card, specifically what shape and positioning, first give everyone a suspense, but I can guarantee that will not disappoint everyone!

Source: Sohu

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