NVIDIA board partner registers (Ampere?) GA104-400 GPU at EEC

Published: 2nd Aug 2018, 13:52 GMT | Comments

Manli, NVIDIA board partner from Hong Kong, has notified a certification body about upcoming graphics processor.

NVIDIA Ampere GA104-400

On July 20th, Manli Technology Group has notified EEC certification office about upcoming products. In a wall of text, we discovered GA104 graphics processor, a GPU that was neither released nor confirmed by NVIDIA.

Not only that, the exact GPU model is listed, which is GA104-400. This is without a doubt the processor for next-gen NVIDIA graphics card (possibly GeForce GTX 2080).

This entry does not prove that new architecture is called Ampere, in fact it does not prove anything at all. However, this is the only evidence that upcoming series *might* be called Ampere (or at least something that starts with ‘A’).

For now, this is all we have got. It does not get any better than this until we see the first photos of the actual GPU.

The codename Ampere was first mentioned by Heise.de, back in November 2017.


We asked you what codename were you expecting, and here is what you voted for:

Source: EEC

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