AMD’s 7nm VEGA is much smaller than 14nm VEGA

Published: 6th Jun 2018, 12:05 GMT | Comments

For the first time ever AMD showcased 7nm graphics processing unit. It is a great opportunity to compare existing 14nm product with the same product designed on a much smaller node to see how much smaller Vega has become.

7nm Vega: ~40% die reduction

Let me start by saying I encourage everyone to do their own calculations. As you know side-by-side comparisons are never accurate, so take this with a grain of salt.

The main question is how big is 7nm Vega package. If the package is the same as 14nm Vega’s, then comparing them is easy. At 4Gamer we found a picture of Lisa Su presenting 7nm EPYC CPU with 7nm Vega in both hands. This gave us the opportunity to measure SP3  package and compare sizes. Since we know SP3 package is 58.5 x 75.4 mm, we can quickly conclude that 7nm Vega package is roughly ~47.8mm on each side. This means the package is likely identical to 14nm Vega (47.5mm). From here we compare pixel density and the rest is simple.

It’s worth reminding you that 14nm Vega dimensions are officially 486 mm2, while measurements from the press gave it a 510-ish mm2 die size. We are going to include this margin of error into our quick calculations and we end up with 285-298 mm2 7nm Vega die size.

That said, 7nm Vega is likely under 300 mm2.

Credits: photos: TechPowerUP, 4Gamer, dimensions: AMD SP3 Specs, AMD Vega Specs

by WhyCry

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