AMD lists Ryzen 2100/2300X/2500X and 2800U ready for ‘mass market’

Published: 28th Apr 2018, 11:53 GMT | Comments

The most recent update to AMD product portfolio has revealed few upcoming products.

AMD Ryzen Desktop: 2100, 2300X, 2500X

The entry-level Ryzen 3 processors were not part of April launch. Those SKUs are quad-core chips designed for budget builds. The update in AMD product portfolio confirms three SKUs, such as 2100, 2300X and 2500X. Of course, the 2200 and 2400 are omitted because they are already present in Ryzen 2000 series lineup as Raven Ridge APUs.

The interesting part here is Ryzen 5 2500X, likely to be the only Ryzen 5 quad-core chip for gamers.

Ryzen 3 2100YD210BC6M2OFB
Ryzen 3 2300XYD230XBBM4KAF
Ryzen 5 2500XYD250XBBM4KAF

AMD Ryzen Mobile: 2000U, 2600U, 2800U

The list does not end here, it also indicates that AMD is working on new products for mobile market, including Ryzen 7 2800U. If AMD is so determined to bring x800 series to mobile market, then one could guess we are going to see desktop Ryzen 7 2800 series as well.

Ryzen 3 2000UYM200UC4T2OFB
Ryzen 5 2600UYM2600C3T4MFB
Ryzen 7 2800UYM2800C3T4MFB

AMD Ryzen Threadripper: 2900X, 2920X, 2950X

We have already covered this, but since we are looking at all new entries, that have not been released yet, we should also mention Threadripper. There are at least three SKUs: 2900X, 2920X and 2950X.

The Threadripper 2000 series is likely to receive the same Zen+ treatment as mainstream processors, which is memory latency optimization and higher clock speeds:

Threadripper 2900XYD290XA8U8QAF
Threadripper 2920XYD292XA8UC9AF
Threadripper 2950XYD295XA8UGAAF

Source: AMD

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