Intel Coffee Lake-S processor with 8-cores spotted for the first time

Published: 20th Mar 2018, 16:01 GMT | Comments

Traces of yet unreleased 8-core CFL-S processor can be found in 3DMark database.

Intel 8-core CPU and Z390

It is no longer a secret that Intel is preparing for ‘core-an war’ with AMD. The Core i7-8700K featuring 6-cores was Intel’s first high-end gaming processor for the Zxxx platform. This expansion will soon reach the mobile market where Coffee Lake-H will make a debut with 6-core SKUs.

The Z390 platform, which has been appearing in various leaked roadmaps for the past few months now, is more or less confirmed. The latest information suggests that we should be seeing Coffee Lake Refresh around summer.

It’s hard to say what else to expect from Intel, but the priority is certainly put towards multi-threading required for content creation and gaming.

The 8-core Intel Coffee Lake S SKU might be part of 8th Gen Core, but it could also be part of 9th Gen core.

The leak shows an unrecognized CPU with 8-cores and 16-threads. The clock may be a base clock, but it could also be a misreading by the software. The testing platform is recognized as Intel Corporation CoffeeLake S82 UDIMM RVP, which is an engineering board.


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