ASRock announces BIOS support for AMD Desktop Ryzen 2000 series

Published: 8th Feb 2018, 09:02 GMT | Comments

AMD Ryzen 2000

ASRock is ready for Ryzen 2000. The company has provided BIOS updates for almost full AM4 motherboard lineup. The latest BIOSes support new AGESA code for upcoming Zen+ processors.

Those who decide to purchase Ryzen 2000 CPU and any of already existing ASRock’s Ryzen motherboards will need to go through a more complicated process, which requires not one BIOS update, but two.

Only X370 Taichi and Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming have not received Ryzen 2000-supporting BIOSes yet. Those are scheduled for February 9th. After that date, all ASRock’s AM4 motherboards will support Ryzen 2000.

Motherboards already supporting Ryzen 2000 series (in other words, those which were already updated by the manufacturer), will carry this sticker:

The Bridge BIOS is required to make a smooth transition to Ryzen 2000, that’s only if you happen to buy a 300-series motherboard for your new processor.

ASRock AM4 300 Series Motherboards with Ryzen 2000 Support
Model numberBridge BIOS versionBIOS version compatible with
RYZEN DESKTOP 2000 series
X370 Killer SLI / ac3.504.50
X370 Killer SLI3.504.50
Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K43.504.50
Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X3.504.50
Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX / ac3.604.40
AB 350 Pro 43.404.60
AB350M Pro43.404.50
AB 350 M3.204.40
Fatal1ty AB 350 Gaming K 43.404.60
Fatal1ty AB 350 Gaming-ITX / ac3.604.40
A 320 M Pro 43.404.50
A 320 M-DGS3.404.40
X370 TaichiUnder preparation (scheduled for February 9)Under preparation (scheduled for February 9)
Fatal1ty X370 Professional GamingUnder preparation (scheduled for February 9)Under preparation (scheduled for February 9)

Source: ASRock

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