AMD finally announces discrete mobile Radeon Vega

Published: 8th Jan 2018, 11:04 GMT | Comments

After years of Polaris domination in Radeon mobile market, AMD has finally decided to unleash Vega for mobile gaming.

AMD Radeon Vega Mobile

We should probably start by saying that sadly no specifications have been revealed by AMD, which is quite disappointing. The discrete market is rather boring these days, the last true mobile discrete GPUs were revealed by NVIDIA with their Max-Q design a few months ago. The few laptops featuring Radeon RX 500 series are not exactly you see every day — they are not very popular — but then, there’s not much to choose from.

Here enters the Vega, new architecture, better power efficiency and new technologies. Today AMD lifted the curtain on Vega mobile, which is actually not the same silicon as the one that goes into AMD APUs. The discrete Vega GPU is a separate chip with HBM2 attached to it. This is actually the first discrete graphics processor with HBM2, presumably 4GB of it.

According to AMD, Vega Mobile has low power requirements and small footprint. It was designed for thin and light notebooks, which should result in a competition with NVIDIA’s Max-Q graphics.

AMD has revealed a picture of Radeon Vega Mobile alongside Vega APU and semi-custom chip from Intel. We can see the similarities between Intel G-series processor and discrete Vega mobile. It is likely that both feature the exact same specifications, although AMD has not confirmed it yet.

No announcements have been made regarding actual implementations into notebooks yet.

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