AMD updates GPU roadmap with 7nm Vega

Published: 8th Jan 2018, 04:40 GMT | Comments

AMD confirms 7nm architecture in 2018

AMD has unveiled new GPU roadmap with 7nm Vega. A new version of Radeon Instinct Vega will start sampling this year providing better performance for machine learning.

The new roadmap effectively ends rumors of 12nm Vega refresh. Instead, AMD is jumping straight to 7nm fabrication process. The 7nm Vega is likely the Vega 20 GPU we have mentioned multiple times before — a more power efficient version of Vega 10.

Interestingly AMD will follow with Navi architecture based on the 7nm process a year or so later, only to deliver ‘next-gen’  architecture on optimized and refined 7nm+ process somewhere around 2020.

by WhyCry

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