AMD Navi spotted in Linux drivers

Published: 18th Dec 2017, 08:37 GMT | Comments

It appears that next-generation GPU architecture from AMD is already making an appearance in the drivers.


As you might remember, Vega architecture was codenamed GFX9. The next gen would, therefore, be called GFX10 and that’s exactly what we can find in the latest Linux driver.

new_chip.gfx10.mmSUPER_SECRET.enable [0: 0]

The architecture name is hidden under SUPER_SECRET codename. Normally we would be seeing the real name of the GPU, but AMD is likely trying to avoid generating hype for architecture which is still months away (I heard something about late 2018), hence the secret.

NAVI is AMD’s first 7nm architecture. AMD has not revealed any details about NAVI, apart from saying that it might support ‘next-gen memory’, such as HBM3 or GDDR6.

Source: ComputerBase

by WhyCry

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