Gigabyte launches GeForce GTX 1070 Ti AORUS

Published: 1st Dec 2017, 19:56 GMT | Comments

Today Gigabyte introduces AORUS GTX 1070 Ti.


Similar to all GTX 1070 Ti models, this variant of AORUS graphics card is not factory-overclocked. It does, however, support one-click overclocking with AORUS Graphics Engine. In fact, Gigabyte guarantees this card will overclock by 88 MHz+.

The packaging says it’s ‘Ready To OC 88 MHz+’. I’m guessing it’s a temporary solution to NVIDIA overclocking restrictions.

When it comes to the card itself, it’s full custom design with 6+2 phase power design coming from a single 8-pin connector. It supports RGB Fusion, a technology for LED lighting (in this case it’s the AORUS logo on the side).

AORUS GTX 1070 Ti features a full cover backplate with copper cooling. The card is equipped with WindForce 3X cooling solution featuring ‘Fan Stop’ technology.

Guaranteed clocks are rather moderate, but at least you know what to expect:

  • OC mode: Boost: 1771 MHz / Base: 1683 MHz
  • Gaming mode: Boost: 1683 MHz / Base: 1607 MHz

GPU : GP104-300 Base Clock : 1683 MHz (+4.7%)
Cores : 2432 Boost Clock : 1771 MHz (+5.2%)
TMUs : 152 Memory Clock : 8008 Mbps
ROPs : 64 Memory : 8 GB GDDR5 256b

by WhyCry

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