ASUS releases first official benchmark results of GeForce GTX 1070 Ti STRIX

Published: 28th Oct 2017, 22:34 GMT | Comments

As you probably already know GTX 1070 Ti performance benchmarks cannot be posted before November 2nd. Reviewers are not allowed to talk about it, but board partners apparently are.

ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1070 Ti Advanced

I already mentioned that ASUS is the only board partner to officially declare non-reference boost clocks for their new GTX 1070 Ti model. Those frequencies are only achievable with GPU Tweak software, in other words, you need to manually change the profile to see the same performance. That’s because NVIDIA does not allow AICs to ship GTX 1070 Ti with higher frequencies. The solution is to provide easy profile selection in their overclocking software or let users do this manually.

In official slides provided to Overclock3D, ASUS is claiming that their custom card will be 3.75% faster than Founders Edition (which is also provided to reviewers) in Doom and ~2% faster in Gears of War 4. Same in 3DMark, the STRIX is 2% faster than Founders Edition. Remember, this is all achieved with boost clock 4% higher than stock.

I think a deeper analysis of those numbers is rather pointless. Since I’m not a fan of performance charts starting from non-zero values, I made my own chart with the same values.

ASUS GTX 1070 TI STRIX vs Founders Edition
 Graphics CardDoom 4KGears of War 4 (4K Ultra)3DMark FS Extreme
GTX 1070 Ti Founders

Source: Overclock3D

by WhyCry

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