Intel preps dual-core i3-7360X for X299, but why?

Published: 21st Sep 2017, 14:48 GMT | Comments

Intel is not done with Kabylake-X yet. A prototype of i3 dual-core processor has been spotted in China.

Intel Core i3-7360X

This is a really bizarre processor. A platform that is designed for high-performance computing might soon get a new CPU… with two cores.

The i3-7360X is a HEDT alternative to i3-7350K, which, by the way, will soon be succeeded by 8350K.

The specs of this new processor are not overwhelming. It’s only 100 MHz faster than 7350K. The turbo clock is 4.3 GHz. The TDP though, skyrockets to 112W.

According to the leaker, the i3-7360X is 1.25% faster than 7350K. The price of 7360X is expected around 1699 Yuans (220 USD), so it’s not cheap.

A side by side comparison between i3-7360X and i3-7350K:

Source: Baidu

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