AMD partners are still waiting for RX Vega GPUs for their designs

Published: 20th Sep 2017, 15:35 GMT | Comments

Hardwareluxx has an update to story about custom RX Vega graphics cards.

There are no custom Radeon RX Vega cards because there are not enough GPUs

Before we get into the report from HardareLuxx, I just wanted to say that we also reached out to AMD partners for an update and I can confirm that we heard the same thing. AMD promised to deliver Vega GPUs to partners last week (or week of 11th September to be exact), the problem is they were not delivered and there is not even a date for the new shipment. We are way past the moment when paper launches are acceptable, so AMD partners want to ensure that a reasonable number of cards is ready for their launch.

In case you are wondering why they won’t just release the specs or photos, well, it is a risky move. By testing a large number of GPUs manufacturers estimate what Vega is capable of and how far they can go with their own tweaks. Since they don’t have enough chips, they are willing to wait to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

Meanwhile, HardwareLuxx reached out to four manufacturers for an update and here’s what they had to say (a rough translation):

  • Manufacturer A: Custom RX Vega models are already developed and ready to be launched, company is waiting for GPUs from AMD. They can’t estimate when more variants of RX Vega 56 will be available.
  • Manufacturer B: AMD is always focusing on reference models first, however the availability is a major issue and causes delays of custom models. They have no date for custom designs to be available.
  • Manufacturer C: Manufacturer has no final specs nor launch date for their custom design. They waiting for GPUs to be delivered, they assume no cards will be ready by mid-October.
  • Manufacturer D: They are waiting for GPUs, no comment on their custom designs.

AMD is clearly having trouble producing enough chips. The company has not made any official comments, so we can’t really be sure what is the real problem. Also, bear in mind AMD partners are not really desperate to launch their own Vegas right now, they are barely making enough Polaris cards to satisfy the demand, but we are slowly seeing more and more cards on the market, so I’m guessing a high-end alternative would be welcomed.

One more thing, I know one manufacturer has slightly modified reference RX Vega in the making. As far as I know, it only has a new I/O bracket which basically improves the airflow.

Source: HardwareLuxx

by WhyCry

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