AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 tested at 8K resolution

Published: 31st Aug 2017, 08:18 GMT | Comments

TweakTown is the first website to incorporate 8K benchmarks into their reviews. 

8K: 4x more pixels than 4K, 16x more than FullHD

The green rectangle on this image is the FullHD resolution. The 7680×4320 resolution requires 16x more pixels to be generated.

This crazy resolution is not even properly supported by all cards. The very few cards that do, such as TITAN Xp and Vega 64, were put to the test to illustrate what the future has to offer.

For this review, a very unique monitor had to be used. The choice has fallen on Dell UltraSharp UP3218K, which currently retails at 3,899 USD. This is currently the only commercially available native 8K monitor.

It’s also worth nothing that 8K resolution requires two DisplayPort 1.4 cables to run.

The early results were gathered at Very High / Ultra presets which obviously generated really low framerate. Four cards were used, including AMD’s flagship model Vega 64 Liquid, NVIDIA’s TITAN Xp and TITAN X, and of course the 1080 Ti.

More benchmarks, including games at different quality settings, are to be published at a later date. The early results are as follows.

Source: TweakTown

by WhyCry

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