AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 gets faster with Vega 64 BIOS

Published: 30th Aug 2017, 08:49 GMT | Comments

A member of Chiphell forums has finally tested whether RX Vega 56 can be unlocked into full-fat RX Vega 64. Well, it can’t (at least according to GPU-Z), but this mod brings some interesting results.

RX Vega 56 with 64 BIOS is 2% slower than RX Vega 64

Although it was expected, the sample used by KDtree did not unlock to full 4096-core Vega. This means that flashing 64 BIOS into 56 will not give you any extra boost thanks to more cores. However, the BIOS will change clock speeds which apparently have a much greater effect on the performance.

The RX Vega 64 BIOS has 1545 MHz boost clock and 945 MHz HBM2 clock. The RX Vega 56 is slower with boost clock at 1471 MHz and memory clock at 800 MHz. The BIOS mod gives you the same clocks on your 56, which practically improves performance.

By increasing the frequency by 75 MHz the modder noticed that the card was only 2% slower than reference RX Vega 64.

Furthermore, it was proven that overclocked RX Vega 56 at 1650 MHz (core) 2200 MHz (memory) actually surpasses 64 at default clocks.

If those results are correct then RX Vega 56 may become even more popular thanks to this simple mod. Of course, such modifications will void your warranty, but since the RX Vega series have two BIOSes, this mod is almost fool-proof.

Graphics Card3DMark Fire Strike Extreme GPU Score
RX Vega 56 (default BIOS)
RX Vega 56 (RX Vega 64 BIOS)
RX Vega 64 (default BIOS)
RX Vega 56 (RX Vega 64 BIOS OC)

Note: GPU-Z reports peak clock (1630 MHz):

Radeon RX Vega Series
 VideoCardz.comRX Vega 64 LiquidRX Vega 64 (Air)RX Vega 56
Vega RX
GPUVega 10 XTXVega 10 XTVega 10 XL
Base Clock
1406 MHz
1247 MHz
1156 MHz
Boost Clock
1677 MHz
1546 MHz
1471 MHz
Memory Clock
945 MHz
945 MHz
800 MHz
Memory (HBM2)
8 GB
8 GB
8 GB
Memory Bus

Source: Chiphell via Expreview

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