A shortage of AMD Vega cards could last until October

Published: 25th Aug 2017, 10:30 GMT | Comments

Vega shortage to continue till October

While AMD promised to prepare a high volume of RX Vega graphics cards for launch, the reality was that many countries did not receive a single unit of the new flagship card. Only on this Monday sales officially started in Japan. The prices, of course, were inflated so there was no chance of buying RX Vega for the suggested retail price at all.

Whether you believe AMD that retailers are to blame or retailers that distributors are in fact the factor of high prices, the situation will not change till RX Vega cards are restocked.

According to well-informed sources of DigiTimes you should not expect to find RX Vega in stores (at least at a normal price) till October. The problem allegedly lies in the complexity of the Vega chips. Other sources claim that the issue may lie in Advanced Semiconductor Engineering packaging technology. 

The report ends with the information about NVIDIA Volta not coming to consumer market till the first quarter of 2018. There is simply no reason “to rush with the mass shipment”.

Source: DigiTimes via Hardware.Info, Picture: PCGH

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