Intel claims i7-8700K to be 11% faster than 7700K

Published: 17th Aug 2017, 10:30 GMT | Comments

Intel is hosting a training for retailers in China for upcoming Coffeelake 8th Gen Core series. According to the leaked slide, the upcoming i7-8700K CPU will be 11% faster than 7700K in single threaded operations.

The slide also confirms that for the first time Intel will introduce quad-core i3 series and six-core i5 series.

Both Core i5 and i7 series are to use 6-core configuration, although the i5 will not support Hyperthreading.

The leaked specs seem to align with previous rumors. The i7-8700K is the flagship Coffeelake CPU with six cores and twelve threads.

Intel Kabylake vs Coffelake
Intel 7th GenSingle/Multi-Thread BoostIntel 8th Gen
i7-7700K (4C/8T)+11% / 51%i7-8700K (6C/12T)
i7-7700 (4C/8T)+18% / 58%i7-8700 (6C/12T)
i5-7600K (4C/4T)+19% / 55%i5-8600K (6C/6T)
i5-7400 (4C/4T)+29% / 61%i5-8400  (6C/6T)
i3-7350K (2C/4T)+17% / 65%i3-8350K (4C/4T)
i3-7100 (2C/4T)+16% / 61%i3-8100 (4C/4T)

The picture was slightly enhanced for better viewing experience:

Source: Chiphell

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