Intel to launch B360 motherboard chipset

Published: 17th Aug 2017, 10:02 GMT | Comments

Just as I said before there’s a problem with the naming schemes of the new motherboard chipsets. AMD ‘borrowed’ the naming from Intel for their mid-range (B?50) and enthusiast series (X?99), leaving Intel with a tiny problem: how to avoid confusion with their upcoming 300-series.

While no one expects X399 chipset from Intel (they always skip one generation X79 -> X99 -> X299 -> X499), there is a problem for mid-range series, which are released for each CPU generation. The B350 chipset was already taken by AMD, so Intel simply could not use it anymore.

According to the report from MyDrivers, Intel has a solution: rather than name their new chipset B350, they will name it B360. This chipset is expected to be released next year, as only Z370 Coffee Lake motherboards are to launch later this month.

The same site claims that despite using the same socket, the new CPUs will not be compatible with existing LGA1151 motherboards (100 and 200 series), as Intel “changed the alignment of the design”. This information was already confirmed by ASRock two weeks ago (then quickly taken down).

Now I wonder if Threadripper will get a refresh on X499 chipset before Intel has new HEDT series coming ?

Motherboard Chipsets
AMD 300-series
Intel 200-series
KabyLake S
Intel 300-series
CoffeeLake S

Source: MyDrivers

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