First Ryzen Threadripper gaming result released

Published: 5th Aug 2017, 19:24 GMT | Comments

While the embargo on Ryzen Threadripper gaming benchmarks is still in place, LinusTechTips actually released the first gaming and synthetic results.

Alienware Area-51 with Ryzen Threadripper 1950X

LinusTechTips received the same system HotHardware did, but unlike HH they ran more benchmarks.

They used four systems for comparison: X399, X299, X370 and Z270. The same graphics card was used in all systems, but the memory was slower in Threadripper system compared to X299, X370 and Z270.

The first (and only) gaming benchmark was Rise of the Tomb Raider. The performance is better than Ryzen X370 system, but it was still slower than both Z270 and X299 configurations.

In 3DMark software, we are presumably looking at overall scores for Fire Strike Ultra, Time Spy and Time Spy CPU. Threadripper performs better than X370 system, but also better than Z270.

Linus also ran Cinebench and Blender showing the full power of Threadripper.

It’s worth noting that HotHardware replaced their engineering sample of Threadripper with a retail version they received with the review kit, and performance was better (above 3K). You can find HH video here.

The video from LinusTechTips:


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