AMD Ryzen Threadripper systems are now available

Published: 27th Jul 2017, 09:15 GMT | Comments

First AMD HEDT platform is almost here. Dell and Ibuypower are now listing their prebuilt systems with Threadripper. Prices start from 1699 USD for IBP Threadripper 1920X system and 3000 USD Threadripper 1950X from Alienware.

Alienware Threadripper and IBuyPower Threadripper systems are here

The cheapest configurations are paired with GeForce GTX 1060 as the GPU solution (why not RX 580?), and as little as 8GB of DDR4 memory (if you are planning to use only 8GB memory with Threadripper, you probably don’t need it).

The cheapest system from IBC only comes with the ancient 1TB hard drive, no operating system, no monitor. The 1920X Threadripper will retail at 799 USD, so you may find better components for 900 USD. A big question, for now, is how much are X399 motherboards are going to cost. According to IBC configurator, you can save few dollars by choosing X399 TAICHI motherboard from ASROck, but feature-packed X399 ROG ZENITH will cost you extra 272 USD.

All systems from Dell are equipped with Threadripper 1950X (16-cores). They come in a custom enclosure with Dell’s motherboard. Right now there are no 1920X systems in the offer.

Source: Alienware, IBuyPower


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