AMD Radeon Software 17.7.2 brings Enhanced Sync

Published: 25th Jul 2017, 21:04 GMT | Comments

Tomorrow AMD will launch new 17.7.2 display driver which will introduce some changes.

Enhanced Sync

NVIDIA’s Fast Sync finally gets a competitor. With 17.7.2 driver AMD introduces an alternative to VSync called Enhanced Sync. I’m not going to explain how this works here, but what you need to know is that it will give you the advantages of VSync without the latency caused by synchronization with the display. No more tearing and no more lag.

Relive at 100 Mb/s

Relive will now allow you to save the recordings at a higher bitrate. You will now be able to record at 100 Mb/s. The Relive in 17.7.2 driver will also allow you to add a webcam to the stream and boost the volume of the microphone from within the Radeon panel.

Radeon Chill now on laptops

Radeon Chill will now be enabled for mobile graphics cards, multi-GPU configurations and also external graphics cards. In case you don’t know what Radeon Chill is, it’s basically a frame limiting tool to lower power consumption and the heat.

Full changelog will be released tomorrow.

by WhyCry

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