Intel preparing multiple 6-core Coffee Lake CPUs

Published: 17th Jul 2017, 12:12 GMT | Comments

Intel is allegedly planning to introduce multiple Coffee Lake processors.

Core i7 8700(K)

In few months Intel will introduce new six-core processors based on Coffee Lake architecture. The high-end i7 8700K processor is reportedly running at 3.7 GHz base frequency with Hyperthreading enabled (12 threads). Compared to recently launched Core i9 7800X, the i7-8700K would have much lower TDP of 95W (vs 140W). This would without a doubt affect the sales of i9-7800X. Intel is also launching i7 8700 non-K which is said to be running at 3.2 GHz base frequency.

Core i5 with 6 cores?

The most interesting part of the rumor are 6-core processors from i5 series. The major difference compared to i7 is a lack of Hyperthreading. The i5-8600K processor is said to be clocked at 3.6 GHz with the same TDP as i7-8700K (95W).

According to CPC Hardware the six-core series will not end at 8600K. The slowest 6-core desktop CPU is allegedly the Core i5-8400 with a core clock of 2.8 GHz and TDP at 65W. This is a direct response to AMD’s Ryzen 5.

Intel’s 6-core for mobile

For the first time, Intel will also introduce pure mobile 6-core CPU. Compared to desktop variants, Coffee Lake Mobile is to feature much lower clock speeds (~2.0 GHz) with TDP at 45W.

The report ends at Coffee Lake U quad-core processor with impressive 28W TDP. This is the first quad-core CPU from Intel’s U-series (low power notebooks).

Source: CPCHardware

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