AMD Radeon RX Vega 3DMark11 Performance

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Well, I didn’t really want to post this because I think it’s still too early, but since the highest score started to float around the web I think it’s worth to clear some misunderstanding. The highest score the 687F:C1 has achieved is an overclocked chip. 3DMark11 does not recognize unreleased overclocked graphics cards very well. The good news is that this puts RX Vega above overclocked GTX 1070, bad news, it might still be slower than overclocked GTX 1080. I guess time will verify those results. 

Speaking of 3DMark11 scores, compared to some older benchmark results (~3 months old) the performance has increased by around 15% (quite impressive).

There are other 687F device IDs, but so far only the C1 is showing up with 1600+ MHz core clock. You can find all the links below. I’m not taking any screenshots. At least remember who shared the links first :)

AMD Radeon RX Vega 3DMark 11 Performance
Graphics CardCore ClockMemory Clock3DMark 11 GPU Score
MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8GB (OC)1987 MHz11064 MHz
MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8GB (Stock)1898 MHz10112 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #11630 MHz+1890 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #21630 MHz+1890 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #3 1630 MHz+1890 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #41630 MHz+1890 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #51630 MHz+1890 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #61630 MHz+1890 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #71630 MHz+1890 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #81630 MHz1890 MHz
687F:C1 8GB #91630 MHz1890 MHz
COLORFUL GTX 1070 iGame XTOP 8GB (OC)2025 MHz9108 MHz
COLORFUL GTX 1070 iGame XTOP 8GB (Stock)1885 MHz8008 MHz


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