AMD preparing Radeon Pro WX 9100 with Vega GPU

Published: 28th Jun 2017, 06:27 GMT | Comments

AMD is busy creating new Vegas, Vegas no one can buy. Here’s a new Vega-based model called Radeon Pro WX 9100.

AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100 with 64 Compute Units

First, let’s look at Vega lineup, because at this point it may start to become confusing. Here are all known products with Vega architecture.

Graphics Card ModelStatusStream ProcessorsMemory Configuration
Radeon Instinct MI25Announced409616GB HBM2 2048b
Radeon Vega SSGAnnounced?16GB HBM2 2048b
Radeon Vega FrontierReleased409616GB HBM2 2048b
Radeon Vega Frontier LiquidReleased409616GB HBM2 2048b
Radeon Pro Vega 64Announced409616GB HBM2 2048b
Radeon Pro Vega 56Announced35848GB HBM2 2048b
Radeon RX Vega SeriesUnreleased3584-40968GB/16GB HBM2 2048b
Radeon Pro WX 9100Unreleased409616GB HBM2 2048b

As a side note, there are traces of new products with single stack HBM2, but we are unsure if that’s Vega (link). This is the same family of GPUs that were spotted with Kabylake CPU earlier this month, so it may be an integrated solution, APU or dedicated GPU. Hard to say at this point.

Okay, but let’s go back to Radeon Pro WX 9100. The new device will join Radeon Pro WX x100 series. The fastest graphics card in these series is currently WX 7100 based on Polaris 10. According to the data from CompuBench, WX 9100 would have 1792 cores more than WX 7100. The listing reveals that WX 9100 has 64 Compute Units (4096 Cores) and a maximum clock of 1200 MHz. Listed global memory size is definitely pointing towards 16GB configuration, so this would be sixth Vega with such memory size.

Of course, this raises a question what makes is different from Radeon Vega Frontier. Frontier seems to be a perfect card for game developers, as it features both Professional and Gaming modes. If I understand this right, the Radeon Pro WX 9100 will be strictly a professional card (for design and manufacturing).

Radeon Pro WX 7100 (2304 cores) vs Radeon Pro WX 9100 (4096 cores)

Source: CompuBench

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