MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 Beta 11 will now plot graphs

Published: 23rd Jun 2017, 20:17 GMT | Comments

What’s the most popular application to capture game performance? Fraps? Evga Precision? No, it’s Afterburner, because it supports Radeon and GeForce graphics cards, latest APIs and has built-in video capture. 

MSI Afterburner with hardware monitoring graphs

Today is an important day for gamers, streamers and reviewers. Afterburner will now plot graphs with all metrics that are supported by the software, let it be a GPU temperature, CPU clock or frame times. It is something that many (me included) have been looking forward to seeing in Afterburner for a long time. Sudden frame drops, GPU temperature spikes were hard to notice without those graphs. This means you no longer need to capture all data to file to later open it through built-in log viewer. You can now monitor that in the game:

Here’s a short video captured with the new graphs:


To enable it, you need to go to “Monitoring” tab and choose “text+graph” or “graph” under ‘Show in On-Screen Display’. You do this for all metrics that you want to be displayed as a graph.

Bear in mind, this is the first public beta with hardware monitoring graphs, so you may face some issues. You can grab a copy of Afterburner Beta 11 and leave feedback here.

by WhyCry

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