First review of Intel Core i9-7900X is here

Published: 16th Jun 2017, 14:40 GMT | Comments

Guys over at Hexus published the first review of the upcoming Intel Core-X series processor.

 Intel Core i9-7900X: good overclocking, bad price

As explained by Hexus the sample they were testing was not sourced from Intel (hence the publication before NDA). Neither did they mention what motherboard was used, so there is a good reason to believe that the CPU was provided by one of the motherboard makers. The X299 platform still needs some work, and there seems to be a problem getting hold of one of these processors. There were not photos posted of the processor, so we need to trust them that they really own this processor.

I’m only going to share gaming related and overclocking charts. Check the source for more.


The Core i9 7900X has impressive overclocking potential, with 4.7 GHz at stock voltage (1.25V). The only issue is the power consumption and the necessity to increase voltage for higher frequencies. It will depend on a sample, but 4.7 GHz with stock voltage is realy good for Intel HEDT, and I’m saying this as an owner of Broadwell-E CPU.

The overall conclusion from Hexus is that the CPU has excellent IPC performance, good overclocking potential, and is supported by the feature-packed X299 platform. The issues were mostly related to the unoptimized software, a high price of the processor and high power consumption.

Source: Hexus

We also have a video from PCTuning showing “10-second overclocking” to 4.8 GHz. Note the voltage is 1.5V.

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