COLORFUL iGAME GTX 1080 Ti Customization and KUDAN pictured

Published: 30th May 2017, 08:40 GMT | Comments

COLORFUL iGAME GTX 1080 Ti Customization

I knew Colorful is going to surprise me, but I didn’t expect this. I should be moderate in my opinions, but what the hell happened here? I guess, we should let the designers speak for themselves. The leaflet says:

Designed the graphics cards in a shape of a plane on front and back according to military

… I have no idea what that means. I can see the camouflage, but I don’t see a plane. Are those two caps meant to represent a jet engine? The specs are not listed yet. I’m not sure if this card will even go on sale or it’s just a prototype.


The iGame KUDAN. This is the flagship card from COLORFUL. Theoretically, it should be even better than Vulcan X OC with LCD panel, but specs are not finalized yet. Regardless of the speed, It seems that the design is reused from GTX 1080 KUDAN. The unique feature of this card is an integrated water block. Maybe it’s not so unique after all, as we already have ASUS POSEIDON.

Source: TechPowerUP

by WhyCry

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