Official: AMD Radeon RX Vega showcase at Computex

Published: 18th May 2017, 20:40 GMT | Comments

Raja Koduri has just confirmed that AMD Radeon RX Vega will be shown off at Computex.

Confirmed: AMD Radeon RX Vega at Computex

During Reddit/AMD AMA Raja Koduri confirmed that RTG is planning to showcase Radeon RX Vega at the press conference on May 31st. 

Proxiros: Thank you for this AMA knowing how valuable your time is. I don’t expect that you will reveal much today (NDA) but the only thing that all await is: Will Vega for consumers revealed at Computex ( ) this year? or at least a launch date?

Raja Koduri: We’ll be showing Radeon RX Vega off at Computex, but it won’t be on store shelves that week. We know how eager you are to get your hands on Radeon RX Vega, and we’re working extremely hard to bring you a graphics card that you’ll be incredibly proud to own. Developing products with billions of transistors and forward-thinking architecture is extremely difficult — but extremely rewarding — work. […] We’re working as hard as we can to bring you Radeon RX Vega.
On HBM2, we’re effectively putting a technology that’s been limited to super expensive, out-of-reach GPUs into a consumer product. Right now only insanely priced graphics cards from our competitors that aren’t within reach of any gamer or consumer make use of it. We want to bring all of that goodness to you. And that’s not easy! It’s not like you can run down to the corner store to get HBM2. The good news is that unlike HBM1, HBM2 is offered from multiple memory vendors – including Samsung and Hynix – and production is ramping to meet the level of demand that we believe Radeon Vega products will see in the market.

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition has two stacks of HBM2

The Frontier Edition that was shown at Financial Analyst Day had two HBM2 stacks, but Koduri is confident that the bandwidth of 480 GB/s will be enough for most workloads. This means that Vega utilizes 8-Hi HBM2 stacks.

wickedplayer494: Does Frontier Edition use 4 stacks or 2 stacks of HBM2?

RK: Frontier edition employs 2 stacks of HBM2

There might be a 16GB variant of Radeon RX Vega..

The Chief of RTG also said that they will look into 16GB variant of Radeon RX Vega.

wickedplayer494: Can we pretty please get a 16 GB variant of Radeon RX Vega?

RK: We will definitely look at that…

“Flavors” of RX Vega will be faster than Frontier Edition

When asked about the performance of RX Vega compared to Frontier Edition Raja Koduri said that some ‘flavors of RX Vega’ will be faster than Frontier Edition. Whether that means features or actual variants of RX Vega, we don’t know.

Elmnator: Will the consumer RX version be as fast at the Frontier version?

RK: Consumer RX will be much better optimized for all the top gaming titles and flavors of RX Vega will actually be faster than Frontier version!

Watercooled Vega will have different clocks

When asked about the difference between the watercooled and air-cooled versions of Vega, Koduri explained that there are some changes in clock speeds, which affect performance. The question was not specific, so we are not sure if he meant Frontier Edition or possible watercooled RX Vega.

Pepri: Is there a difference in performance/clock speed between the water and the air cooled version or is one just quieter/cooler?

RK: There will be a slight difference in clock speeds, and therefore performance as well.

Source: Reddit

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