AMD reveals Vega and Zen roadmaps

Published: 16th May 2017, 20:01 GMT | Comments

AMD has just confirmed that Vega architecture will be based on 14nm and 14nm+ architecture. 

VEGA: 14nm, NAVI: 7nm

It’s confirmed, NAVI will launch on a 7nm process with unnamed NAVI successor arriving on a refined 7nm process.

More importantly, AMD confirmed that VEGA will be available on 14nm and 14nm+ architectures. This probably means VEGA 10 and VEGA 20 arriving later, even before NAVI.

ZEN 2: 7nm, ZEN3: 7nm+

AMD also confirmed that ZEN 2 architecture will be available on 7nm fabrication process with ZEN 3 using refined 7nm+ process.

Jim Anderson confirmed that Ryzen 3, Ryzen PRO, Ryzen Mobile and Ryzen Mobile PRO will start rolling out in the third quarter.

by WhyCry

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