NVIDIA announces DGX and HGX Tesla Volta computing stations

Published: 10th May 2017, 16:35 GMT | Comments

NVIDIA also announced new computing stations for developers.

GPU8x Tesla V1004x Tesla V1008x Tesla V100
CUDA Cores40,96020,48040,960
Memory128 GB HBM264 GB HBM2128 GB HBM2
MSRP149,000 USD69,000 USD?

NVIDIA DGX-1 for 149,000 USD

The first announcement was DGX-1 machine with eight Tesla V100 GPUs and 960 Tensor TFLOPs of computing power. It replaced 400 servers with just one box. It is available today for preorder for 149,000 USD. Jensen confirmed that Volta-based DGX-1 will ship in the third quarter.

NVIDIA DGX Station for 69,000 USD

For smaller developing teams NVIDIA introduced DGX station with four Tesla V100 GPUs. This machine has PCI-E based Tesla’s V100 with three Display Port connectors. This machine will cost 69,000 USD.

NVIDIA HGX-1 for cloud computing

There’s also a water-cooled version of Volta machine for cloud computing. Same as DGX-1, it ships with eight Tesla’s V100.

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