GALAX GeForce GTX 1080 Ti HOF also features LCD Panel

Published: 26th Apr 2017, 09:13 GMT | Comments

LCDs on graphics cards? Sounds like a strange idea, but apparently it’s a new trend for the high-end graphics card market.


The GTX 1080 TI HOF from GALAX is the world’s second graphics card with LCD, after the announcement of iGame GTX 1080 Ti Vulcan X OC from Colorful.

The display will show:

  • A large HOF logo
  • BIOS version and memory capacity
  • GPU model and driver version
  • Temperature, fan speed and GPU voltage
  • GPU clock and Memory Clock
  • And also custom text

The GTX 1080 Ti HOF is the fastest model from GALAX. This card will feature triple-fan and triple-slot cooling solution and custom PCB with three 8-pin power connectors. It’s a fancy and innovative product, but the main goal for HOF series is to satisfy professional overclockers.

by WhyCry

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