NVIDIA launches GeForce GTX 1080 11 Gbps and GTX 1060 9 Gbps

Published: 20th Apr 2017, 12:12 GMT | Comments

Today NVIDIA launches new GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1060.

Faster memory and higher price

Both cards are going to be faster by 1 GHz. The new GTX 1080 now has 11 Gbps of effective memory speed, while the new GTX 1060 has 9 Gbps.

Update: GTX 1080 11 Gbps is currently available at 560 GBP, whereas the old GTX 1080 10 Gbps is being sold for 540 GBP.

Memory upgrade brings higher bandwidth. The GTX 1080 11 Gbps has 352 GB/s, which is 32 Gb/s above 10 Gbps Edition. The GTX 1060 9 Gbps, which as you probably remember has a 192-bit bus, will have a bandwidth of 216 Gb/s (+24 Gb/s).

The GTX 1080 11 Gbps has new GPU codenamed GP104-410.

NVIDIA GTX 1080 11 Gbps & GTX 1060 9 Gbps Specifications
VideoCardz.comGTX 1060 8 GbpsGTX 1060 9 GbpsGTX 1080 10 GbpsGTX 1080 11 Gbps
Fabrication Process16nm FinFET16nm FinFET16nm FinFET16nm FinFET
CUDA Cores1280128025602560
Base Clock1506 MHz1506 MHz1607 MHz1607 MHz
Boost Clock1709 MHz1709 MHz1733 MHz1733 MHz
Eff. Mem. Clock8008 MHz9008 MHz10008 MHz11008 MHz
Memory Bus192-bit192-bit256-bit256-bit
Bandwidth192 GB/s216 GB/s320 Gb/s352 Gb/s

Pricing information via: ComputerBase

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