NVIDIA launches TITAN Xp with 3840 CUDA cores

Published: 6th Apr 2017, 12:23 GMT | Comments

NVIDIA has just unveiled its new TITAN, the Xp with the full GP102 graphics processor.

NVIDIA TITAN Xp gets 3840 CUDA cores

Would you expect another TITAN? Well, I didn’t, but it’s here. Full GP102 graphics processor with 3840 CUDA cores is now available for 1200 USD.

The new TITAN, which is now called Xp ships with 12 GB GDDR5X memory across 384-bus. What’s new is memory speed which is set to 11.4 Gbps, even higher than GTX 1080 Ti. This results in 547.7 GB/s of bandwidth.

The boost clock is set to 1582 MHz, which means over 12 TFLOPs of computing power.

According to the official specs, this model supports 8K@60Hz resolution.

NVIDIA TITAN Xp is the world’s most powerful graphics card. Incredible computing horsepower and groundbreaking NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture give you the power to accomplish things you never thought possible.

The card is already available for sale on NVIDIA website for 1200 USD.

NVIDIA GP102-based Graphics Cards
VideoCardz.comTITAN X “Pascal”GeForce GTX 1080 TiNVIDIA TITAN Xp
CUDA Cores
Boost Clock
1531 MHz
1582 MHz
Computing Power
10.97 TFLOPs
11.34 TFLOPs
12.15 TFLOPs
Memory Clock
10.0 Gbps
11.0 Gbps
11.4 Gbps
Memory Capacity
12 GB
11 GB
12 GB
Memory Bus & Type384-bit / GDDR5X352-bit / GDDR5X384-bit / GDDR5X
Memory Bandwidth
480 GB/s
484 GB/s
547.7 GB/s
1200 USD
700 USD
1200 USD

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