AMD Ryzen CPU with 12 cores and 24 threads spotted

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AMD Ryzen with 12 cores and 24 threads

Another day, another Ryzen leak. Today we share the details of yet unannounced Ryzen CPU with 12 cores, which is most likely being prepared for AMD’s HEDT X390 platform.

I will start by saying that the machine detected with this CPU is Alienware Area-51 R3. The R2 (which looks like this) ships with Broadwell i7-6800/6850K processors.

We already heard that AMD is working on a 16-core chip, but this processor has ‘only’ 12 cores. This means that we are no longer looking at one product, but a whole new series.

I made this chart to give you all the details at a glance. Most interesting details: it’s not a server chip, it has new socket and turbo clock at 3.2 GHz. The good news is that this is a second generation engineering sample, but not yet a qualification sample (we are probably few weeks before seeing QS).

AMD Eng Sample: 2D2701A9UC9F4_32/27_N (2N 6M 24T 2.7GHz, 12x 512kB L2, 8x 8MB L3)

AMD 2D2701A9UC9F4_32/27_N Engineering Sample
Value What does it stand for? Explanation
2 Engineering Sample Generation 1: 1st Gen, 2: 2nd Gen, Z: Qual. Sample
D Platform S: Server, D: Desktop
270 Base frequency  2.7 GHz 
1 Revision  1st Revision
A9 TDP A2: 95W, AU: 65W, A9: ?
U Socket M = AM4, V = SP3, U = ?
C Numbers of cores hexadecimal C = 12 decimal
9 Cache configuration Sisoft: 12x 512kB L2, 8x 8MB L3
F4 Stepping E4 = A-Step,  F4 = B-Step
32/27 Turbo / Base Clock 3.2 / 2.7 GHz

Closing thought: now I’m just wondering how are those CPUs going to be called.. Ryzen 9 1900X?

by WhyCry

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