AMD Ryzen 5 already being sold

Published: 23rd Mar 2017, 07:21 GMT | Comments

It appears that some stores are already selling Ryzen 5.

Reddit users report that you can already buy Ryzen 5 processors, despite sale embargo ending in almost three weeks. This means we will be seeing a lot of leaks regarding Ryzen 5 performance. Finally, something that is not ‘simulated’.

When it comes actual sales, it’s not necessarily a mistake of the shops. Distributors are to enforce embargoes on the shops, if they forget to do so, sellers have no reason not to sell products earlier. This doesn’t happen very often, especially that soon.

The lucky few who get their hands on Ryzen 5 can already start benchmarking. They have enough time to provide extensive test results, so in the end, customers will have better knowledge what they are going to buy.

Anyway, ask your local retailer if they have Ryzen 5 in stock. There is a good chance you can already buy one.

Source: Reddit

by WhyCry

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