AMD Radeon RX Vega’s got a soul and brain

Published: 17th Mar 2017, 15:36 GMT | Comments

Yesterday AMD showcased Radeon RX Vega special edition at AMD Tech Summit in China.

AMD Radeon RX Vega

The showcase of an exclusive teaser of Radeon RX Vega was postpositively received by Chinese media, who were first (and only) media to see the video. The teaser is most likely to be shown to everyone else very soon (I would expect it to go live next week because there is simply no point it making it a secret anymore).

From what we gathered so far, the video is showing a limited edition of Radeon RX Vega, but it’s unclear what limited here means (it might be a model that will ship to reviewers). What we do know is that it is not really a black and white design, but rather a silver, brushed metallic design. The packaging is clearly pointing towards a high-end product. The full video, which we didn’t see yet, allegedly shows that the packaging itself comes with light effects.

What else do we learn from new pictures? The first one shows a big portion of the backplate, which has multiple stripe-shaped perforations. The Radeon logo is illuminated by LEDs and right above it, I think, there’s a BIOS switch.

The second photograph shows section with the power connectors. A new “R” logo can be seen at the bottom right corner. We can also read the letters right above the connectors, which say GPU Tach. That’s the same feature we had on Fury X, which is basically a LED load indicator. On the backplate, there’s Radeon RX Vega logo and dip switch to change the color of GPU Tach indicator.

Hopefully, we get to see the full video soon.

… here?

by WhyCry & SMiThaYe

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