AMD “Pinnacle Ridge” to feature up to 8 Zen2 cores

Published: 15th Mar 2017, 07:01 GMT | Comments

New details regarding Zen2 architecture have come to light.

AMD Pinnacle Ridge CPUs and Raven Ridge APUs

Channel partners received first roadmaps showing long term plans for AMD Zen architecture for CPUs and APUs. AMD Raven Ridge APUs are currently expected to launch this year with up to 4 Zen CPU cores on FP5 BGA package (Mobile). This year the new APUs will be offered alongside existing Bristol Ridge APUs (desktop), but in 2018 only Raven Ridge will be present int the portfolio for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Moving on to Pinnacle Ridge. This is the Zen2 architecture, refined and matured Zen core will likely be offered as Ryzen 7/5/3 2000 solutions (should we call it Ryzen 2000?). While the roadmap lacks many details, it does ‘confirm‘ that Zen2 will also be 8-core chip, so we should at least be expecting higher clocked chips.

For Micro-PGA socket there will be no Zen APUs in 2017. Next year AMD will be offering Raven Ridge APUs with up to 4 Zen cores and 11 Vega GPU cores (I think it should this say Compute Units, though).

One more thing, tomorrow AMD will host AMD Technology Summit 2017 in China. AMD Ryzen and Vega are expected to be demoed at the event. Below is a machine translation of the cached page (it was taken down and no, I don’t know what cat is going to snap up):


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