GALAX teases GeForce GTX 1080 Ti HOF

Published: 13th Mar 2017, 07:15 GMT | Comments


Galax released the first teaser of upcoming GTX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame Edition. This is the top model in GALAX lineup. The new HOF looks similar to its predecessor (GTX 1080 HOF), except the shroud has a new shape (similar to GAMER series) and the ‘crown’ is now LED illuminated.

At the top right corner, we can clearly see two 8-pin power connectors and on the left two SLI fingers. So the PCB is full custom design, it’s much wider than the reference board. If this card had DVI connector we would probably see a part of it on I/O bracket from this angle, but it seems this model does not have it.

No information regarding availability, clock speeds or the price were revealed by Galax.

by WhyCry

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