AMD Vega spotted with 4096 Cores and 8GB 2048-bit memory

Published: 11th Mar 2017, 06:43 GMT | Comments

Just yesterday we found the first CompuBench result revealing 64 Compute Units in Vega. Today we share another leak, which confirms 64 CUs, but also memory subsystem configuration.

AMD Radeon RX Vega: 4096 Stream Processors and 8GB memory

SiSoft benchmark detected 64 Compute Units on 687F:C3 device (so not C1 like in the previous leak). This device has 8GB 2048-bit memory configuration, which means two HBM2 stacks, each 4GB and 1024-bit. When it comes to core clock (344 MHz) and L2 cache (16 kB), those are definitely wrong readings, so I wouldn’t pay attention to them.

Therefore, this leak would “confirm” that Vega has 4096 Stream Processors (64 * 64 CUs) and two stacks of HBM with 8GB in total. What we don’t know is whether 687F:C3 is the top model in RX Vega lineup, as there are clearly few different variants. So far there is no trace of cut-down chip or Vega 11.

Either way, it seems AMD engineers got really busy recently…

Many thanks to API for the tip!

Source: SiSoft

by WhyCry

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