AMD Vega with 64 Compute Units spotted

Published: 10th Mar 2017, 12:39 GMT | Comments

AMD Vega finally makes its first appearance in 3rd party benchmark.

AMD Vega OpenCL benchmark

CompuBench database now lists new device ID (687F:C1), which is more commonly known as Vega GPU. This is the same ID we saw back in January during the Doom 4K Ultra demo. The fact that Vega has finally made its way to CompuBench means that we are the very end of the development process. Judging from past OpenCL leaks, we are looking at weeks, rather than months.

Bear in mind OpenCL benchmarks are not representing gaming performance. However, the fact that Vega is already faster than GTX 1080 in such an early stage, is indeed optimistic.

But before we look at the benchmarks, we finally have a ‘proof’ that Vega has 64 Compute Units (64*64 = 4096 Stream Processors). Device specs also list two clock frequencies with a maximum boost clock of 1200 MHz:


Many thanks to Miklos for the tip!

Source: CompuBench

by WhyCry

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