Inno3D GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING OC and Twin X2 pictured

Published: 8th Mar 2017, 16:34 GMT | Comments

We have first pictures of semi-custom GTX 1080 Tis from Inno3D.

Inno3D GTX 1080 GAMING OC and Twin X2

Before you get too excited, both cards in this post are using reference PCB as noted by NVIDIA logo. But these are not the only custom cards from Inno3D. Just five days ago we posted iChill X3 and X4, so at least there’s some variety.

What’s interesting is that Twin X2 picture is clearly a placeholder. First of all, the packaging says Founders Edition. Then we can see the PCB, which is not even GTX 1080 Ti, but 1080. Yet the packaging says 1080 Ti, so I’m not sure what Inno3D was thinking before sending those pictures out. It’s also worth noting that both cards use DVI port, so even if GAMING OC had reference PCB, it would be a slightly customized version.

In case it makes any difference to you, both cards are bundled with 3DMark and VRMark software. The clock speeds and availability date were not yet confirmed.

GPU : GP102-350 Base Clock : TBD
Cores : 3584 Boost Clock : TBD
TMUs : 224 Memory Clock : 11008 Mbps
ROPs : 88 Memory : 11 GB GDDR5X 352b

GPU : GP102-350 Base Clock : 1480 MHz
Cores : 3584 Boost Clock : 1582 MHz
TMUs : 224 Memory Clock : 11008 Mbps
ROPs : 88 Memory : 11 GB GDDR5X 352b

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