AMD Ryzen XFR and Overclocking demos leaked

Published: 27th Feb 2017, 14:42 GMT | Comments

Here’s another video from Ryzen Tech Day. This video is still under NDA because it contains some information that will be unveiled on March 2nd, when the embargo ends. Probably the most interesting part is about XFR and overclocking (starts at around 16:10).

So far this is the only video showing Ryzen Master overclocking tool in action (at 19:05). At 19:50 mark the signal from the PC cuts off when overclocking was applied, which either means that overclocking failed or the signal was interrupted by unknown reason. Well.. not a good sign.

After XFR demo, Ryzen 5 1600X is discussed. Sadly, the video ends right before Raja Koduri enters the stage to talk about V…

by WhyCry

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