NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti coming mid-March

Published: 23rd Feb 2017, 08:33 GMT | Comments

I was writing a story about 1080 Ti right before Jensen hired an intern to prepare a countdown page, which basically ruined the whole mystery behind it (details here). This post will cover the most interesting topic, which is 1080 Ti launch.

Announcement != Release Date

First, we need to separate two words from each other. The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti announcement will take place on February 28th. The actual release date will likely be unveiled during that announcement, but it should be 2 to 3 weeks later. According to the information we gathered, the launch will happen “mid-March“.

The other interesting part of 1080 Ti launch is the availability of custom models. At launch, there might be a problem to find them. AIB partners that we spoke with, expressed their concern about Founders Edition, which as you can imagine will be available at launch. The market is also filled with whispers that Founders Edition might become exclusive to NVIDIA, which basically means NVIDIA would become the only seller of 1080 Ti at launch.

We were told there is a slim chance for custom models to be ready on time. It does not mean we won’t see custom models, it means not everyone will have a chance to buy one. GPU market is developing quite rapidly, so those things can change as we get closer to the launch, but of course, we will be monitoring the situation.

There are also rumors that NVIDIA is preparing 1060 Ti, but so far we only heard this from one source. Could the countdown lead us to more than just one card? “IT’S ALMOST TIME” after all.

by WhyCry

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