EVGA ICX technology detailed

Published: 9th Feb 2017, 08:10 GMT | Comments

I heard you guys are waiting to hear more about EVGA ICX technology, so without further ado, here’s all you need to know.

EVGA ICX will feature nine thermal sensors located in different parts of the PCB. Each sensor will be connected to EVGA Precision app where the temperature can be monitored and displayed in OSD. What’s more, three RGB diodes which are installed on the side of the card will change colors depending on the temperature of the GPU, VRM and memory (you can modify this to your liking):

EVGA SuperClocked2 is on average few degrees cooler than ACX 3.0 based SuperClocked.

Each fan will spin asynchronously.

Finally, this little thing will make sure your card will not explode:

by WhyCry

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