AMD Ryzen rumors (prices & launch date)

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AMD Ryzen prices in European Union

According to El Chapuzas Informatico, the price of high-end Ryzen 7 1800X is currently estimated at 600 EUR. The Ryzen 7 1800X is supposedly the most powerful part in Ryzen lineup. This processor will have 8C/16T.

Meanwhile, the price of Ryzen 7 1700X is expected at 470 EUR, which is more than Intel Core i7 6800K (~430 EUR), but less than i7 6850K (600 EUR). The difference between Ryzen 7 1800X and 1700X is basically limited to core frequency, which is 200 MHz lower for 1700X.

Interestingly, AMD is also preparing Ryzen 7 1700 (non-X), which will still be an 8-core chip with 16-threads, but the TDP will be at 65W. The price of this processor is estimated at 390 EUR. This processor would be 300 MHz slower than Ryzen 7 1800X.

The above prices are MSRP, which means they can get higher depending on the profit margin of each store.

Here we created a list of all Ryzen chips that we have seen so far, with platforms on which they were tested.

AMD Ryzen Processors
ModelBase ClockTurbo ClockCoresThreadsMotherboard
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core Processor
3 600 MHz4 000 MHz816AMD Golemit /
AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor
3 400 MHz3 800 MHz816AMD Myrtle-SM /
AMD Myrtle CRB / AMD Arica
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor?3 700 MHz816
AMD Ryzen: ZD3301BBM6IF4_37/33_Y3 300 MHz3 700 MHz612MSI X370 GAMING TITANIUM (MS-7A31)
AMD Ryzen: ZD3201BBM4KF4_34/32_Y3 200 MHz3 400 MHz48ASROCK X370 Gaming K4

AMD Ryzen to launch late February

A Ryzen product listing at Taobao (which was already taken down) had an estimated launch date set to February 28th. This could be the day Ryzen finally becomes available at retailers for sale. The listing had CPU frequency listed at 4.2 GHz. So far we have not seen any Ryzen sample with such clock, so it’s hard to say if this product listing was more a wishful thinking or an actual leak. Meanwhile, according to CanardPC Hardware, the launch date is actually set to March 2nd.

Source: TechPowerUP

AMD Ryzen chips are 10% smaller than Skylake

EE Times published a comparison chart from ISSCC (International Solid State Circuits Conference), which AMD has presented to attendees. AMD said that upcoming Zen x86 core fits into 10% smaller die area than Intel’s currently shipping second-generation 14nm processor (Skylake).

The paper, published by AMD, detailed techniques which allowed the reduction of switching capacitance by 15% compared to existing products. Not all variables and confidential information were released, so we still don’t know what secrets is Zen hiding from us and competitor.

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