RedGamingTech’s interview with Scott Wasson about Vega architecture

Published: 18th Jan 2017, 14:36 GMT

One of our readers (thanks Paul!) sent me a link to this video from RedGamingTech. It’s an interview with Scott Wasson (Sr. Manger of AMD product marketing) about Vega.

Scott did not disclose any important information about Vega. He did, however, mention that some of the new Vega technologies need to be implemented into games before we see any actual improvement in performance.

The most interesting part starts at 25-minute mark. This is where we learn that there are still some Vega technologies that we were not told about yet. Some of them are major and some are small, but the list is long. AMD marketing team is still evaluating how these technologies will improve user experience and how to advertise them.

Around 26:45 mark, Scott also explains that Vega is an architecture that can have an entire family of product base and AMD has only demoed one chip. I think that’s quite interesting because we still don’t know whether to expect just a high-end product (like Fury successor) or whole series of products, that would eventually replace Polaris too. Either way, I encourage you to check this video if you have time. You can just play it in the background, because there’s actually just audio with some game footage and slide presentation.


by WhyCry

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