AMD Ryzen to launch at GDC2017?

Published: 11th Jan 2017, 09:04 GMT

Just wanted to share this with you. As you know GDC (Game Developers Conference) starts end of February. Last year AMD held a special event for Polaris called Capsaicin. So it wouldn’t be surprising if a similar event took place this year (but this time only for Ryzen).

Well, it appears that something indeed will be introduced at GDC, as revealed by AMD themselves. The description for ‘Optimizing For AMD Ryzen CPU’ indicates that it will be a post-launch seminar. The description says ‘.. introduction to the recently-launched AMD Ryzen CPU‘, which in other words mean that the seminar will take place after the launch. The date for this presentation is yet to be determined, but it all appears that Ryzen will indeed launch at GDC..

Source: GDC

by WhyCry

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